Hei awarua ki te oranga
Corridor for wellbeing

The Hamilton-Auckland Corridor is about creating communities current and future residents want to live in. It's about our wellbeing.

Communities that have affordable housing, schools and health services; natural green spaces that enable native plants and animals to flourish; reliable wastewater, freshwater and stormwater services; parks and recreation areas that create vibrancy for residents; planned roading networks that enable easy connections for residents and visitors and support businesses to thrive.

There’s nowhere else in New Zealand quite like this corridor. The location of a number of communities along two parallel road and rail networks makes it unique.

Innovative, joined-up thinking

That’s why managing development between New Zealand’s two fastest growing metropolitan areas – Auckland and Hamilton – requires innovative and joined-up thinking. Innovative and joined-up thinking, new ways of working together and new planning, funding and financing mechanisms will support fast and effective delivery on agreed outcomes.

This initiative builds on existing planning processes in Auckland and the Waikato, but recognises that to date local government hasn’t had all the tools needed to truly transform the corridor.

The corridor plan recognises that people’s preferred transport, social, cultural and economic connections are not defined by territorial authority boundaries.

It provides a framework for development to help manage growth in a way that provides access to the services people need, while protecting and enhancing the corridor’s natural and cultural assets.

Who’s involved?

The plan has a lot of support. Cabinet signed off the initiative in May 2018, then 12 months later it endorsed the new project partnership of central and local government organisations, and iwi.

Communities and interested parties will have the opportunity to be part of the thinking for some of the key initiatives that are getting underway in 2019.

The project steering group includes representatives from the Ministry of Transport, NZ Transport Agency, Treasury, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Department of Internal Affairs, Waikato-Tainui, Hamilton City Council, Waikato District Council, Waikato Regional Council, Auckland Council and Waipa District Council.