It’s a big job, so we have identified 6 focus areas & 13 projects

1. Waters

Address our waters challenges by taking a boundaryless and 'best for river' approach to achieve the Te Ture Whaimana - Vision and Strategy for the Waikato River, and deliver Hamilton to Auckland Corridor Plan growth management objectives. 

  • Waikato sub-regional three waters study
  • Designing and developing a cross-regional blue-green open space and recreational network

2. Stronger corridor connections

Direct and (re)shape future urban growth along the corridor through significantly strengthened green open space and mass transit networks. 

  • A rapid intercity rail service indicative business case
  • Start-up rail service

3. Papakura-Pokeno sub-region

Support and unlock, where appropriate, the significant residential and employment development potential and iwi aspirations for this string of well-defined, rail-linked settlements through integrated growth management, funding and financing and key transformational projects.

  • Drury priority development area
  • Improved public transport: passenger rail service between Pokeno and Pukekohe

4. River communities

Support community and iwi-led revitalisation and targeted growth that will realise the full value of the natural, transport, marae and recreational networks that braid the area together as an asset for its people and many others who can visit and travel through.

  • River communities spatial plan and implementation programme
  • Meremere priority development area
  • Improved public transport: introducting peak and more frequent off-peak bus services between towns

5. Hamilton-Waikato sub-region

Support and unlock the residential and employment potential and iwi aspirations for this fast-developing metropolitan area through joint planning, integrated growth management and key transformational projects.

  • Hamilton-Waikato metro spatial plan and impementation programme
  • Metropolitan mass transit plan

6. New tools and options to unlock full potential

Supporting the realisation of development potential through the application of new planning, funding and financing tools and options for local authorities, iwi, central government, developers and landowners.

  • New funding, financing and delivery options
  • Environmental credit markets and biodiversity offsetting