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How was Future Proof developed?

Three general scenarios were created during the development of Future Proof. They were Business as Usual, Compact Settlement and Concentrated Settlement. These three scenarios paint a range of pictures of what our future might look like.

The scenarios were released for public comment and feedback in October 2008. Feedback from consultation clearly told us that proceeding with a Business as Usual approach is not sustainable. The majority of responses supported either the Compact Settlement or Concentrated Settlement scenario, or a combination of both.

All three scenarios were then evaluated against a set of criteria which revolve around the Future Proof vision. A draft Future Proof strategy was then prepared and more consultation was carried out from March to April 2009. Hearings were then held in May 2009. Following this community consultation, Hamilton City Council, Waipa District Council and Waikato District Council finalised the Future Proof strategy on the 30 June 2009.