Retail and commercial land

Victoria Street HamiltonUp to 2026 there is expected to be enough capacity within existing commercial centres and zones to accommodate much of the future retail floorspace demand. In the longer term it is more difficult to reliably estimate future demand due to the uncertainty in the nature of spending and growth.

Hamilton’s city heart will remain the primary commercial centre for the Hamilton, Waikato and Waipa region.

New local retail will be provided for in neighbourhood suburban centres like Rototuna, Rotokauri, Peacocke, Ruakura.

Rural residential growth will focus on villages to help create nucleus community centres for local retail and convenience shopping.

The two main townships of Te Awamutu and Cambridge house much of the Waipa district’s population. The two town centres will remain the first preference shopping destinations for 85 percent of the district’s population.

The exception to this is the rural sector between Te Awamutu and Hamilton that relies strongly on the city for most of its retail needs. The addition of new local shopping is part of a plan for around the airport to provide for local, everyday retail needs.

Local Morrinsville businesses service the northern half of the Matamata-Piako District and little change is expected in terms of demand for new retail growth.