Industrial land

City AerialAn industrial land shortage has in the past been a major issue for the sub-region. Adequate allocation of industrial land is an important component of this strategy to ensure development occurs in appropriate places, and is signalled well ahead of development actually occurring.

Areas within the Hamilton, Waikato and Waipa regions where industrial business land will be set aside include:

  • Rotokauri: Warehousing, logistics, storage, construction, manufacturing, general employment
  • Ruakura: High technology and innovation and a more general employment area
  • Te Rapa North: Warehousing, logistics, storage, construction, manufacturing, general employment activities displaced from Auckland
  • Horotiu North: Dairy industry, logistics, warehousing, meat processing
  • Hamilton International Airport: Warehousing, logistics, related activities
  • Hautapu: Dairy related industry, local servicing
  • Huntly: Aggregate, coal
  • Te Kowhai: Logistics, freight, airport related activities
  • Taupiri: Logistics
  • Hampton Downs: Power station, timber, transport, aggregate assembly, landfill, recycling/processing

It is not sustainable from either a development or an efficient resource use perspective to provide for more land than is likely to be consumed. The challenge for this strategy will be of timing and the ability to economically service land development in a range of locations.