How will we make it happen?

The success of any strategy is reliant on an efficient and integrated planning process. Future Proof’s success will be determined by the long-term, formal commitment to collaboration between the key agencies and authorities.

Implementation will be carried out with communities over a period of time. A range of initiatives will be required in order to implement the settlement pattern.

Future Proof is not a strategy that stands alone. Future Proof will be implemented through a range of other documents and processes including the:

  • Regional Policy Statement
  • Regional Land Transport Programme and Strategy
  • City and District Growth Strategies
  • Long Term Council Community Plans
  • Tangata Whenua plans and strategies
  • District Plans
  • Other plans and strategies

There is an extensive implementation plan which is part of the strategy that outlines a range of actions to be undertaken and some of the key actions that will be undertaken initially include:

  • Proposed amendments to the Waikato Regional Policy Statement and District Plans to give statutory effect to the settlement pattern and urban limits
  • Each authority to allocate the appropriate funding in their Long Term Council Community Plans to implement Future Proof
  • Ensure the project continues to have a sound governance structure
  • Apply the integrated planning model by co-ordinating land use with infrastructure and funding
  • Implement the strategic transport network and transport services that support the settlement pattern, in particular the progressive implementation of the Waikato Expressway.

For a complete list of actions to be implemented in the first stage to 2010 please see the full Future Proof Strategy document. Click here to download a copy of the full or summary Future Proof Growth Strategy documents.

For information on specific growth strategies and related matters please see the following websites:

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